Quick ATC overview

Quick ATC overview

Postby LaWmanN » Mon Jul 28, 2014 7:44 am

This will be a simple overview of my ATC experience. I am running on 3 hours of sleep so I am a bit foggy on details, but still coherent enough to give an account of how the true kin fared at the ATC.

First off, here is a breakdown of the armies that attended:
Space Marines - 22
Necrons - 22
Eldar - 21
Daemons - 16
Grey Knights - 16
Tau - 15
Imperial Guard - 11
Imperial Knights - 11
Blood Angels - 7
Chaos Marines - 6
Orks - 6
Tyranids - 5
Dark Eldar - 5
Dark Angels - 4
Sisters of Battle - 1
Space Wolves - 1
Black Templars - 1

So, as you can see, the Dark Eldar are way way down on the list of what people think are "competitive" lists- and believe me, there were 9 scythe necrons, 5 Knight and demon bomb lists a plenty. But only 5 braved the Dark Eldar.

I was one of them, and headed into game 1:
As we read the lists, i informed my team captain "any list is fine, but not the 4 wyvern, pask, dual earthshaker list please.

So, Imperial guard turn 1 it was!
Evil or Very Mad
My list:
20 dogs
4 wych venoms
3 ravagers (1 triple dissie)
2 waveserpents w/ 5 dire avengers)

This game was pretty straight forward. He hung back as far as he could, I deployed as close as i could. He had pask in a gatling tank, a plasma tank, 2 units of 2 wyverns, 2 earthshakers and a bunch of chimeras.
I had to remove those wyverns, and going first let me pop the serpent shields, destroying 1 tank, stunning the other and the ravagers removed 1 weapon from a third. Dogs moved and ran, the dissie ravager managed side shots on a chimera, dropping the people inside which the venoms wiped.
First blood

He went, and pask dropped a venom (wyches were fine), executioner shot at a ravager (jink!) but no damage. Basalisks dropped the other ravager despite nightfight and jink.

turn 2 had dogs charge pask( only baron and jetseer could hurt him) and glanced him once. It was more to move closer to his units than anything else.
Waveserpents wiped the squad of 1 wyvern, and snap shooting ravager dropped the wounded wyvern. Wyches moved up, tossed some grenades, etc...

He was panicked now as my dogs were in his face. He shot EVERYTHING at them, but they had fortune up, so no real damage.

My turn saw the dogs multicharge the wyvern, a chimera, and 2 earthshakers. They ate them all. 2 wych units charged pask after tossing grenades, (2 glances) and in HTH did 4 more removing all the tanks.

After that it was just mop up.
30 points.

Game 2- Versus Imperial Knights with some marine allies.
3 knights (2 melta, 1 cannon)
2 landraiders w/tac squads (sormbolter raiders)
bikes with banner that lets bolters salvo, apoth, etc...

We set up, and it was game on.
He went first, and for some unknown reason, moved his landraiders 12" forward. He snapshot, but jinks saved em all but 1 venom which was glanced out. (first blood)
His knights took potshots, and stunned the dissie ravager. (jink!)

My turn, the dogs went after all 3 knights, the wyches went up 6, deployed 6, threw grenades, then charged and removed both landraiders. Venoms and ravagers (even got three hits with stunned ravager) wiped his bike squad.
(slay the warlord. )

He then asked what in the dogpack could even hurt him. I informed him my baron could glance on a charge, and the farseer could pen with a hit, a and another 5-6 with rending at str 5.
He then ignored them and took out two ravagers.
That was game over pretty much.
Dogs charged all 3 and tied them up until i got wyches where I wanted them, then took out all 3 knights.
28 out of 30.

Game 3-
Guard from hell.
This game I lost. He had 2 units of 50 man blob squads. It was hammer and anvil and he deployed WAY WAY back except blobs. I got the infiltrate warlord trait and did so to get there quicker.

Long story short... Prescience on both squads, first rank, second rank on both and 240 rerollable shots later, the dogs were pretty much gone.
i did manage to wipe the blobs, and tie him on objectives until his flyers went into hover and contested. I also failed a rerollable 3" run to tie on capture/control.
So 4 points (first blood/ slay the warlord)

Game 4- Versus Knights with eldar allies.
This game was funny. My opponent literally told me my tactics sucked when i turboed 4 venoms right in his knights faces. He then ignored said venoms to take out the "real" threat of my ravagers.
My turn 2- wyches ate his warlord and then continued to mow down his army. Dogs ate the waveserpents and pretty much kept the knights corralled. Board control for the win on this one.
30 points

Game 5- Demon bomb.
In this game, the waveserpents were the hero, not the dogs! Nurgle in cover is nasty, but shields were nastier! Dogs did eat his warlord,3 nurgle units and tied up 3 soulgrinders until wyches were in position to haywire em, so it is not like they were a non factor or anything.
Demons have a hard time with Dark Eldar....
Not sure of points... 28-30 or so. I think he may have gotten first blood.

Game 6- versus tau and eldar.
He had 2 riptides, 3 kroot squads, a bastion filled with a buffcommander, fireblade, and broadsides, a wraithknight, some jetbikes and a waveserpent with firedragons and an autarch.

I went first, venomed up his knight doing 2 wounds, and ravagered up 1 riptide killing it for first blood.
He went and shot some stuff, dropping a venom that turboed up at his bastion, and i jink saved the rest of the shots. he then charged my dogs with his knight.
I overwatched, doing another wound, then hit and run, and surrounded his bastion.
Long story short.. dogs surrounded bastion, except for one little spot where wyches charged in, haywired it to death and killed every model inside because they could not disembark!

Game ended turn 5 where he turboed to claim an objective, used his serpent on another and shot 5 gone to ground guardians off another to claim objectives, taking 8 points.
If the game continued, he was tabled. If is bike failed a test, ditto, and if even one save was made by my avengers, I would have had 30 points.
Instead I ended up with 22.

So, out of 170 people, i ended up 17th with dark eldar.
Not too shabby!

The best general overall? Dark Eldar as well!
Perhaps until we get boned with a new dex, more people will start looking at Dark Eldar as a viable tournament army!
Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.

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